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I’m really a very good priest and a very nice guy, but—I have been known to bite from time to time.

Family: I’m the 4th of five children. Born in Waukegan Illinois on May 31, 1944. One older sister and two older brothers with the youngest following me. Like so many others we emigrated to California during the 50’s and I have called Sacramento California my home ever since, not counting the ranch I built in Plymouth California in 1975, which has been home on my days off from ministering.

That headline comes from the “National Examiner”, yep, it’s a rag!!! See the actual article below. And I made it into the center pages when I was ordained in 1994. When my brother-in-law committed suicide in 1973 and my sister died two years later of cancer I became a “father” overnight of four young daughters of theirs. Thus the title!

After raising them on the ranch for 16 years they had the nerve to leave me for another man! Sitting alone one night I wondered outloud, which I’m prone to do a lot, I thought, “why can’t I become a priest? I’ve always wanted to be a priest ever since I was 14 years old.” I asked the bishop and voila!!!! Here I am!!! It took me a long time to get here, but I finally made it. See Jeremiah 20:7ff.
Occupations: I left home at the age of 16 and worked on a chicken ranch until I went into the Air Force for four years. Was a trained corpsman for the battlefield(Vietnam had not started yet). Attained the wonderful rank of E2(that was two stripes then). Vietnam war began at the end of my tour of duty and “they” wanted me to re-enlist because I would never find a job out there!! Duh????? Went right out looking and found one the day after I was released. Worked at Sutter Hospitals until 1983 attaining the rank of Chief Respiratory Therapist in less than 9 years. All the while going to college and racking up those degrees.

Education: Graduated from Highlands High School in North Highlands California(thus the screename) in 1962. Graduated from Sacramento City College in 1968 with an AA degree in Liberal Arts–that means I did all my GE stuff there. Graduated from Sacramento State College in 1971 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and French. Graduated a year later with a teaching credential (the last life-time credential for teachers in the state of California) thank you very much Ronald Reagan. Graduated from American River College in 1980(something) with an AA degree in Respiratory Therapy( had to since I was the Chief Therapist). Graduated from Sacramento State College in 1983 with a Master of Science Degree in Health Care Administration. And last but not least Graduated from Sacred Heart School of Theology with a Master’s Degree in Divinity in 1994. Ordained to the Roman Catholic Priesthood in 1994 by Bishop William Weigand. And I’m never going back to school ever again. Enough is enough!!!

Assignments: 1994-1998 St. Philomene’s Catholic Church. The “real” training ground for newly ordained priests. They had it all and I learned much. Hopefully not to ever repeat those many mistakes I made along the way, thanx to Monsignor James Church who saved my rear more than once from being crucified in the parking lot by good Catholics. 🙂

1998-present currently assigned to St. John The Baptist Catholic Church in Chico California. It’s a wonderful college town with wonderful parishioners who think I’m the greatest thing since God invented peanut butter and jelly. Well most of them anyway!

October 21,2000-I was promoted to Parochial Administrator of St. John the Baptist for one year at which time the bishop said he’d make me the pastor “if all goes well”! Hmmm, wonder that means??????