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Paragraph`s Potential

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My first body paragraph what I would do is I would discuss the concepts what is this thing called potential and also this idea that we have mysteries inside ourselves inside self okay so I would discuss this because I do believe this I believe that we human beings have these things buried inside of us that we don’t even know about right and they’re just waiting there to be discovered I would have a paragraph about that and all the potential that’s hidden inside of us my second body paragraph would be about writing as a way to tap the source of our potential and I would discuss perhaps they stopped some readings that I’ve done or thinking that I have done regarding this topic about how writing is one way that people get into themselves and they tack something that they haven’t known.

Before the next paragraph I would specifically now talk about how writing leads to discovery okay and at this point now I am going to provide specific development to prove that point okay so I would discuss for you in this paragraph things that I have discovered about myself personally about that I did not know about myself that I learned through writing so for example something like how I am discovered you know that perhaps I’m selfish to a certain extent through my writing perhaps I’ve discovered certain mistakes that I’ve made in my past or ways to admit my faults I’ve discovered that I love music through my writing right I’ve discovered a passion for a certain philosophy through writing okay and some thinking about that through the page staring me back in the face alright last body paragraph I would discuss how writing leads to action so I meant by the thesis here writing as activation.

So this last paragraph what I would write about it is that writing is not just a way for me to discover something and then I like wow that’s so cool writing does that for me now I know I’m selfish right no no my last paragraph I would discuss how writing spurs me to do an action so since I let’s say for example I learned that through writing that I’ve been selfish perhaps I’ve been stingy and it’s a critique that I have for myself that I would like to work on and in this last paragraph I would give you examples of how writing has led to concrete action in my life through that perhaps I’ve gone on to try to be less selfish and be more giving to people more giving with my time more giving with my energy okay volunteering to do certain things so through this last paragraph and through all of this here my conclusion I am going to restate or paraphrase that thesis statement okay I’m going to give you my main points again and I might want to leave you with something like a writing is perhaps one of the most powerful tools that we have to investigate ourselves change ourselves and impact the world okay that would be a conclusion.

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