Four Advantages To Case Study

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Four Advantages To Case Study

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Why do management programs use case studies what is the point of using case study analysis for MBA programs after personally doing many case studies and then over the past 10 years teaching scores and scores with case studies I feel personally that there are four main advantages to case study analysis from a teaching and a learning perspective one is it helps the students get involved in data-driven decision-making now if you look at the case studies in your pre program target you will see that most of the case studies have data as part of the entire narrative so in that sense you are being given an opportunity to use data that is typically available only to managers now this data will actually help you take decisions number two is it will help you appreciate complex real-world scenarios most of the time when you learn theory in the classroom everything appears linear right X leads to y y leads to Z if you do if you do Z then you know all these outcomes will happen but then the problem is real life doesn’t really work that way all of us know that and business decisions are even worse given that there are so many variables internal external environmental customer based and so on and so forth real-world business scenarios are complex so case studies give or let’s say help you appreciate the nuances of taking decisions. Learn more about case study advantages at Edusson.

In real-world business environments number three case studies are typically open-ended problems so in that sense there is no right answer or there is no wrong answer the point is to go through the go through the process the point is to analyze the data and then based on that take decisions that you feel good about right and then in which you can actually apply your learnings from the classroom and of course finally a case study actually helps in discussion and dialogue right from our perspective we will use the case studies to actually generate a conversation between all of you as well as between arsons and yourselves okay so given that case study is such an integral part of management teaching and education let’s start off by understanding some of the broad principles of analyzing case studies especially the case studies in your pre-program docket.

I would say there are four steps to case study analysis number one is what is typically called as situation analysis you need to conduct a situation analysis there are three dimensions to situation analysis one is to start off I mean different professors will tell you different things obviously but then my personal opinion always has been that you have to read the case study at least two times the first time read it like a story right because it’s all said and done a case study is more like a story about a company or a specific business situation but the second time when you read the case study you have a pen and a paper handy because now what you’re doing is you are taking note of the key actors and their issues and perspectives.

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