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Finding Unnecessary Words

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Let’s look at some pronouns verbs unnecessary words the central duty of parents towards their children is to provide their children with an education in order to prepare them for the future when these children will be adults in the real world that’s a terrible sentence terrible has 34 words so first of all too long second of all I have their children there are children these children why do I need to mention them three times maximum once use a pronoun for a second time the third time is already completely unnecessary if you’re doing if you’re writing proper sentences now the central duty of parents when we’re talking about parents we’re talking about and duty parents duty is towards their children too nobody else if you’re talking about people to society then you’re talking about adults you’re talking about people. Find out how to sort words at Robotdon.

As soon as you have the word parents the word parents and duty together imply very clearly children you don’t need to mention it toward their children take it out is to provide their children with an education to provide their children with an education squeeze all of that together into one word to educate all to excite to educate and then all that information is still there in order to prepare them for the future so again in order to commonly use expression phrase I should say just say to whenever you can in order to three words to one word same idea to prepare them for the future when these children will be adults well when we’re talking about children and we’re talking about future they will be adults right so for the future when when they will be adults for the future or be when they’ll be adult I don’t need to say both the future means adults adults means adults you’re saying it twice redundancy unnecessary adult in the real world where else are they going to be adults.

This expression in the real world only use it for when you’re comparing the not real world for example school and the real world of like work life right so the skills children learn in school will be applicable in the real world as they grow up fine here adults in the real world doesn’t make sense where else are adults going to be right so parents central duty is to educate their children to prepare them for adulthood all of that information in 13 words instead of 34 words okay so you have to try to do this the first sentence will work against you the second sentence if you can do it properly and tight will work wonders for your grade for your score and it will be helpful to your readers now the thing I said about the conjunctions the dog is suggested that Tom be admitted the dog is suggested Tom be admitted if you can take out that take it out okay don’t be afraid to just take it out as long as you understand as long as it’s clear that it’s supposed to be there in the first place.

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